The Club organises a range of exciting events to have a good time, either at the wheel of our cars or without them. This includes Gran Turismo trips along Europe’s best roads, shorter one-day or weekend trips in a couple of cars, tests of new models launched, drivers’ training on racetracks, roads or snow, driving technique upgrading courses, visits to international motor shows, new models presentations and other interesting events. Sometimes we join Hołek to watch him compete or to participate in his own trainings.

The Club’s calendar of events is planned one year ahead. What we appreciate the most about our Club events is the people who take part: great chaps full of true passion.

Events description

Supercar Day

A one-day road trip with several supercars on Poland’s most interesting roads. We change between cars along the way so that everyone drives all of them during the day, with a break to have a delicious lunch. An opportunity to know the cars better and to have a good time in good company of true petrolheads.

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Gran Turismo

A theme road trip lasting several days. It combines the pleasure of driving supercars on spectacular roads, scenic landscapes and interesting places with carefully selected hotels and restaurants. We choose Europe’s best and experience it in the most exciting way.

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Motor Shows

Crème de la crème of the Club’s motoring-related events, second only to our Gran Turismo tours. We go to see Motor Shows but not as regular visitors – instead, we always obtain special invitations from manufacturers and enrich our stay with attractions the host cities offer. Private banks, luxury watch companies, finest hotels and restaurants.

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Gran Turismo Academy

The sort of driving technique training unknown to any driving school around the world. On Bieszczady mountain road loop, the best drivers’ roads in Poland, we teach you about dynamic B-road driving, with strong emphasis upon road-reading and anticipating other road users’ behaviours. If you’re after becoming faster and safer driver at the same time, this is the training for you. We complement the course with courses of… delicious South-Eastern Polish cuisine and accommodation in a charming place.

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Racetrack training

To have an opportunity to upgrade their driving skills is among the most frequent wishes our Club Members have. To meet this expectation, we have developed individual training programmes we implement with our staff of instructors on a racetrack, using 4WD and RWD rally cars.

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Co-drive with Hołek

A Gran Turismo trip lasting one or two days. We head to Hołek’s homeland, the Warmia and Mazury region to enjoy one of the most exciting experiences the world of motoring can possibly offer: on a passenger seat, with the Ace at the wheel, on gravel roads across fields and forests, with speeds up to 200 kph.

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Dakar Academy

A unique opportunity to have a ride in a genuine Dakar rally car on a challenging off-road track. Here we are trained by the ultimate instructor – Krzysztof Hołowczyc, veteran of many editions of the toughest rally raid on the planet and the world’s third fastest man in off road rallying.

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The event you cannot miss whether you’re passionate about motor sports or not. To tackle the tight track of mixed, tarmac/gravel surface we take cars with very different handling characteristics. In some of them competent chassis prevails over engine output, others boil with tremendous power. The goal, however, is always the same: to beat the clock and cross the finish line in fewest seconds. No holds barred…

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Snow Camp

A frozen lake stormed in a studded-tyred rally car, a co-drive with Hołek on snow and ice, winter driving schools in Scandinavia, closed sections of hill climbs in snowy conditions? The borders of our imagination is about the only limit to the Club’s schedule of winter driving. Other than our Members’ families, sometimes upset with their husbands' passionate absence from home…

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Superkart Cup

A karting competition in which our Club Members participate together with their families. The rivalry in good company, trying to beat the clock and one’s own limitations, makes enormous fun, while in the background it also raises the drivers’ levels of skills. Stakes are high and so are the prizes.

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Club breakfasts

Starting the day with the Club, you are certain this will not be a day like any other. We meet in a group of the Club Members to have a breakfast purpose-made for us, often together with invited guests. Needless to say the food is exquisite. Every time we serve something new, to open up new horizons in the world of taste.

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Club evenings

Fine whisky and cigars are essential to any gentleman. They are also great companions while discussing supercars and exchanging memories from the Club’s road trips. We hold regular panel meetings, presentations and tastings for our Members, always aware that motoring is not just about cars –most of all, it is about the people who share the motoring passion.

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Supercar Night

Having real fun also takes some skills. Judging by sheer numbers and media reverberation after our recent Supercar Nights, we are not quite slouch in this area. Appreciating the importance of friendly relations among our Members, we do our best to hold fine evenings with good music and top class liquors.

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Autobahn 300+

The Club goes to great lengths to satisfy petrolheads’ dreams. Who wasn’t haunted one time or another by the idea to really squeeze a fast car to its limit on some unrestricted German motorway? So there you go to find cars waiting for you: not any cars, but those with triple hundreds on their kph-scaled speedos. There you go for full immersion in the need-for-speed madness, all in carefully monitored conditions the Club ensures.

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